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Note Since I'm a bit new to the Wiki style template, my editing will be a bit slow in format changes, this wiki is primarily to collect character data and world information in a convenient place for ease of reference.

Ever was the world changing, and ever deep in the shadows does darkness lurk.

The world rests in peace, for a time. Then one spark sets flame to the madness and errors of man. It rolls in wild madness and consumes all in it's path, then once more peace resumes. (WIP)

After much chaos and strife in the past age, some semblance of harmony has steadily crept over the world, as much as peace can ever be claimed to hold sway. Technology and learning has flourished, in its wake the races of the world learn to cooperate, share their resources and form bonds, at least of mild tolerance if not open friendship. Yet, the world is not ever peaceful, and old prejudices and clashes of ideology will always dwell in the hearts of creatures. It has always been, so it shall likely always be.

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